About L. B. Hazelthorn

L.B. Hazelthorn is an Australian writer and mild eccentric.

She was home-schooled in Tasmania, the eldest of thirteen children, and grew up in a family who taught her how to bake bread and read Latin. Her superpower was sarcasm. 

These days she uses her powers for good, not evil. 

She has lived on boats and tropical islands, has helped to hand-build a house and a pizza oven, and can light a wood-stove using only one match. (Two, if the weather is a bit damp.)

She collects vintage clothing and isn't afraid to wear hats.

In between bouts of frenzied scribbled and chocolate-munching laxity she raises four children to eat their vegetables and keep an eye out for fairies.

-  What qualifies you to call yourself a writer?
-  I write things.

-  Why don't you have a degree?
-  Well, I started one. It was going very well but I got distracted.

-  Any other educational bits and pieces that look good on a biography?
-  Nope. I didn't know what I wanted to do when I finished school; I figured waitressing was the usual way to fill in time. 
I completed a Certificate III in Hospitality, and spent my lunchtimes composing absurdist fiction. I soon realised that I didn't want to serve macchiatos forever, so I began a Diploma of Fashion design, and went home every afternoon and wrote sad love poems. 
After my fourth child was born, I decided that Literature was my passion and started a university degree in Literature and Ancient History. I spent my evenings writing a novel and it was around about then that I noticed a pattern in my life.
I no longer pretend to be busy. I write, instead.

-  Would you keep on writing even if you knew it would never make you famous, wealthy, or popular at dinner parties?
-  Yes.

-  Good luck with that.
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